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To The Fayble Realm... (bubbles)

Somewhere near where you are right now, there is a magical realm that is between all places. This is known as the neither here nor there... Now, to many, this may sound like a place of the utmost unimportance... however it is everything but insignificant.

In fact it is what holds the here and there together. This is where the faybles are to be found... Weaving in and out of everywhere and nowhere. The Faybles are the ones who look out for us, yet trip us up just when we need it most. With their hands firmly in mother nature's, they thrive on love and imagination, and are companions to our lives. Any open heart will hold a key to Fayble. Once that door is opened, and the light of Fayble has touched your heart, things will never be the same.

They teach us that imagination is as real as you and I. Once this is realised we know that anything is possible and that love is infinite... Naturally, we all harbour a unique and wylde magic, Fayble helps us to let it shine on the world around us, spreading joy and laughter throughout all realms.

Fayble fairy bear doll

Hi, I'm Armorel! (butterflies)

I am an illustrator and sculptor based in the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan, Wales UK. My life long fascination with the natural world has fuelled my inspiration for my art for as long as I can remember. Having always felt a connection to the wonderful creatures that share our planet, I have always wanted to explore further.
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Fayble fairy bear doll

Fayble Galleries

Wander through the seasonal and archive galleries pages to discover and revisit Faybles from the past and present. Many magical moments have been captured to bring you joy surrounded by bubbles and sparkles. I hope you enjoy my Fayble Gallery pages...
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Fayble fairy bear doll
Halloween Sweetshop Gallery... (bubbles)

The Halloween Sweetshop gallery is now open! Please click the link below to skip through the Faybles I created last Halloween, they're waiting to meet you!
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Halloween Sweetshop sign with pumpkins, bubbles and star sparkles

Hi, I'm Armorel! (butterflies)

If you would like to meet me and my magical faybles please join me on Facebook to keep up to date with events. We'd be so happy to see you on Facebook and in real life! I have 3 Facebook places you can join us:
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Fayble fairy bear doll

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