Armorels World

a peek inside


I have always been a dreamer….

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by the illustrated documentation of new found creatures from far off lands. By the time I got here all earthly worlds had been discoverd…but everyone is a gate keeper to much more. My inspiration is rooted in the natural history of the earths biology, I have a huge interest in how plants and animals function and co exist.

My drawings and sculptures are small depictions of my world which runs alongside and in and out of my everyday existence(or maybe its the other way around!) I was fortunate to have a very open minded upbringing, and my life was constantly enriched with new concepts ideas and great books. I would often sit on my own for hours in the garden and travel far into a land where any thing was possible and where I thought i had only been a few minutes. A lot of what I learnt there I use in my everyday adult life. To be in touch with the faerie realm in adulthood is a gift. Art along side music is the best way to travel through faerie. It is as delicate as inspiration itself and has to be cared for by using it everyday. It is intense but soo life enhancing to see and feel soo much all of the time.


As with inspiration once you know where to find it is everywhere! My work is an expression of my world of which I feel is neither completely in everyday reality nor completely in faerie… I have attempted to express through texture colour personality emotion and character. With all my sculptures I feel new emotions as if they have grown from within me. I hope that the creatures who have been expressed from my world bring something new to everyone…but strangely you may feel as if you have already met!